Sign Up Process

We have refined our sign up process to four easy steps to get you signed up and searching as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Create Your Account

This section lets you creat a username and password for your account. You will have to provide your name and email address here as well for contacting purposes.

Step 2: Personal Information and Interests

This is where you can describe yourself and give others a better idea about who you are. Tell people something about you in the "About Me" space provided and let onlookers see your hobbies by checking the boxes in the "Interests" section at the bottom of the page. Try to be as clear and honest about yourself because this is where people who are curious about you will go.

Step 3: Profile Picture

Literally show people who you are. Select a picture that best describes you. If desired, you can skip this step, but remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, it will give a completeness to your profile.

Step 4: Verificaiton Email/Finish

Check your email inbox and click the link from the verification email to activate your account. After that, browse members, see who's out there, and make relationships. Enjoy!


Discontinue Automatic Renewal/ Cancellation

Members who have paid by credit card will have the memberships automatically renewed until membership is officially cancelled. Continued automatic renew will allow members uninterrupted communications with other members. Members will also be protected from future price increases; and members will avoid paying the service fee that is collected with a new upgrade. Aside from having met someone special, if you have any issues or questions that have occurred that have caused you to consider cancelling, please feel free to contact our Customer Care department so we may serve you.

I you wish to cancel at any time, kindly follow these steps:

Log in to your Account.

  1. Go to "Account Settings"
  2. Click "Unsubscribe"

Once this process has been completed, your account will be considered 'downgraded, and your credit card will no longer be charged for future membership opportunities.


Accounts are active until the current paid period expires. Because full membership privileges are active until paid period expires, we cannot prorate or refund any charges.


Forgot Password

Kindly follow these steps:

  1. Click 'Forgot Password'
  2. Type your email address connected to this account
  3. Within minutes, an email will be sent with instructions to reset your Username or Password
  4. Be sure to create a password that is secure and unique


If an email is not received from us, kindly try the following steps:

  1. Add our email address contactus@bpwdconnect.com to your address book.
  2. Check for one of our emails in your junk, bulk or spam folders, or
  3. Contact your email provider to assist with troubleshooting the issue.


Refund Policy Agreement

Our refund policy agreement can found in Section 4b of the Terms of Use.

This is the same refund agreement policy you agreed with the purchase of your upgrade membership.


Billing Questions

Kindly fill out our Contact Us form and we respond within 24 hours.


Contact Customer Care

Kindly fill out our Contact Us form and we respond within 24 hours.


Profile Privacy

Once you've logged in to your account, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Click "Account Settings"
  2. Set privacy level
  3. Click "Save"


Login / Logout?



Enter Email and Password and click "Login >>"


Click 'Log Out'


Password Recommendations/Valid Passwords

Valid Passwords:

  1. 4-16 characters
  2. Alpha and/or numeric characters only
  3. No spaces
  4. Must not include your username
  5. Must not match a previously used password


Common combinations of numbers such as "1234" or words like "password" will not be accepted.


Terms and Conditions


Click here to view our Terms and Conditions Agreement.


Browsers Recommended

Our website is all of the most recent browsers such as:

  • Internet Explorer (Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows and Macintosh)
  • Google Chrome (Windows and Macintosh)
  • Safari (Windows and Macintosh)

Be sure you are using the most recent version of a browser by visiting the manufacturer's website. Also, be sure of the following:

  1. Installation of Adobe Flash Player
  2. Have the latest version of Internet Explorer to access the "Live Chat" feature
  3. Disable all pop-up blockers
  4. Be sure to enable both JavaScript and Cookies


Privacy Policy

At Akoma Connect, LLC ("Akoma Connect"), we respect the privacy of our members.

Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.